About Us

Who Are We?

We are four Aussie mates who suffer from a lifelong addiction to horses and see no chance of a cure in the foreseeable future. Collectively we have participated in show jumping, rodeo, horse racing, western pleasure, campdrafting, cutting, horsebreaking as well as the mustering and handling of cattle on our own properties.

After one of our partners was “forced” into buying an extra set of luggage to accommodate all of the ‘horse themed’ home decor items she had purchased on a visit to the US and presenting her husband with a huge excess baggage bill, the seeds were sown for an exciting business opportunity.

Unable to procure such items in Australia, and realising that many others share our love of horses and all things equine, the decision was made to source suitable, quality products internationally and launch “Gallop-n-Gifts”, our online store.

Between us, we have extensive experience in business ownership, retail, administration and stock control. We believe that this experience, coupled with our determination to deliver quality products for fellow horse enthusiasts and provide exceptional customer service will result in assisting you, our valued customers, become the proud owners of some wonderful horse themed items.

Now that you know a little bit about us, trot on over to our store, Gallop-n-Gifts and maybe you’ll snag a keepsake or two.